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Big Bible Storybook – Toddler Resource – Autumn Term 1

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(work is currently in progress uploading the full year’s programme)

Autumn Term 1

(September to October)
Au 1 A – God makes the sky and night and day
Bible reference: Genesis 1
Aim: To see how amazing and powerful God is
Au 1 B – God makes land, sea and plants
Bible reference: Genesis 1
Aim: To see how amazing and powerful God is
Au 1 D – God made me and is always with me
Bible reference: Psalm 139
Aim: To know that God loves us more than we can imagine
Au 1 E – God looks after the obedient Noah
Bible reference: Genesis 6-9
Aim: To see that God has mercy and keeps his promises
Au 1 F  – Jesus chooses some special friends
Bible reference: Mark 1:16-20, Matthew 10:1-4
Aim: To see that Jesus loves making friends
Au 1 G – Jesus feeds more than 5000 hungry
Bible reference: John 6:1-15
Aim: To know that Jesus cares when we are hungry and can do amazing things with the small amount we have
Au 1 H – God helps brothers make up
Bible reference: Genesis 27,32
Aim: to see how God can bring peace and love into difficult family situations
Au 1 I – Jesus’s story about the good shepherd
Bible reference: Luke 15:1-7
Aim: to learn from Jesus that God loves us and cares about us even when we feel far away from him
Au 1 J – God looks after Joseph
Bible reference: Genesis 37,39Aim: to discover that God can be trusted even when things look bad
Au 1 K – Joseph helps his family
Bible reference: Genesis 40-46
Aim: To see how God helps us to help others
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